Annual Healthcheck

The Rocker Annual Health Assessment

Studies show that the mind and body are integrally connected. In order to maximize your health today – and to prevent issues from arising tomorrow, we provide an integrative approach to health management.

The Rocker Annual Health Assessment starts with a head-to-toe advanced screening of your physical and mental performance to give you a complete picture of your overall health.

Approximately two weeks later, a Results Report is conducted with Richard Rocker so you gain a clear understanding of what health issues may be holding you back. Then together we plan the best course of action for getting you on the right track. This may include one of our Lifestyle Health Programmes, one of our many healthcare services, or in certain cases referral to an appropriate specialist.

The core component of the Rocker Annual Health Assessment is routine follow-up appointments held throughout the year – which are typically scheduled every 1-2 months. That way, we can assess how you’re progressing towards your healthcare goals and provide any support and guidance you need along the way.

Take Action Towards Better Health

Get started improving your quality of health today — together we will make a plan that’s right for you.