Laurent Cauet

Former head Coach for Irish Mens National Volleyball Team
Present Head Couch for Pro Volleyball Team in France.

Richard Röcker came to help us as staff member of the Republic of Ireland Men’s Volleyball team from February 2010 to June 2012 during my tenure as Head Coach. Richard is reliable, a good time keeper, has fantastic sense of ethics and most of all he has very professional way of dealing with the matters that come across our volleyball squads. Richard was mostly in charge of our nutrition programme. His results and the impacts he had were outstanding as our players got a healthier way of life, including significant results regarding their body fat / composition. We probably got, without a doubt, the fittest men’s volleyball team Ireland ever produced in the last decade, thanks to the advice and guidance from Richard.

During our training sessions and training camps, Richard was also running group workshops about different mental aspects from building confidence and dealing with stress. I would strongly recommend Richard to anybody who wants to have a healthier life, because Richard is a great help in various fields.

Richard changed my life on many aspects and I am greatful for what he has done on and off the volleyball court.

Irish Mens National Volleyball Team

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